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Freitag, 9. April 2010, 07:11

Patch Notes 0.2.50 - 0.2.54

Version 0.2.50

- Neutral Creep camps (Normal and Ancient) can now only be stacked up to 2 additional times (3 Stacks Total)
* Exception are the smallest camps, which have no limit still

The following changes pertain to players using "invisible" mode:
* They will now appears as "offline" if a /whois or "User Information" is done on them
* They will no longer be able to send/receive whispers, send/receive IM's, and send buddy/clan whispers, however they will still be able to receive buddy/clan whispers.
* They will now properly see all their online buddies/clan members when logging in
- Removing yourself as a buddy now fails with an appropriate error message.
- When a buddy approves a friendship request, the person who requested it will no longer see "You are now friends with <yourname>." They will correctly see "You are now friends with <buddyname>."
- Fixed right clicking a buddy to display the appropriate menu choices the first time they are clicked (instead of the second)
- Fixed Team/All chat to remember it's previous state, so when navigating to another channel and coming back to the game lobby it will properly show the last chat type that was used
- When in the game lobby, clicking the "Send" button will now return focus to the text input
- Fixed some of the right click menu options either not appearing or not working
- Fixed banning/unbanning someone from a chat channel, it should now work properly when used
- Adding a user to your ignore list will stop all incoming buddy requests from the ignored user
- Players can only request the same person as a buddy once every 5 minutes now

- Implemented the community mod "Chat Textbox Improvements" for the game lobby, credit to slime73 for this contribution
* Clicking anywhere on the chat window will set focus to the text input
* Pressing escape will remove focus from the text input if it has no text, if there is text it will clear it without removing focus. You can then press escape again to remove focus
* This fixes an issue where currently focus is forced to the chat window and doesn't allow players to use VOIP for the in the game lobby

- Fixed matchmaking epic ticks
- Fixed matchmaking ratings being -1 (For reals this time)

New Legion Intelligence Hero: The Chipper

- Hook cast time lowered to .3 from .41

- Fixed Ult grabbing gadgets/PsuedoPets

- Texture fixes

Pollywog Priest
- Fixed the weird LOD model stuff

- Ward health rebalanced to 100,150,200,250 from 75,150,225,300

- Debuff while using level 4 Blade Frenzy is now -50% Attack Speed instead of -55 Attackspeed

Version 0.2.51
- Added additional flood protection to the chat server when requesting a buddy or approving a buddy.

Caldavar changes
- The weak neutral creep camp on Hellborne side can no longer be pulled into the lane.

The Chipper
- Tweaked Death
- Fixed a graphical bug with the ultimate and Tar throw
- Stat rebalance (since they were about as random as darth vader filtering seawater for fun)
- Rockets will no longer hit Neutrals or Couriers
- Cast time on Tar lowered from .5 to .4
- Slow will no longer INCREASE attack speed. Stupid negative signs.
- Buff from third ability now grants 0.75,1.5,2.25,3 Mana Regen along with the Magic Armor
- Ult 'width' increased from 100 to 125
- Ult will no longer be 'wasted' if you do not drag, just nothing will happen now
- Fixed some stringtable stuff

Version 0.2.52
- Fixed joining and leaving clan channels with long names
- Added LODs for Chipper (Low/Medium model versions)

- Rockets reworked
* Rockets sped up to 1200 speed from 1000
* Damage per rocket lowered to 95,110,125,140
* Ministun now no longer procs on magic immune units
* Manacost lowered to 50,55,60,65
* Changed to a charge based ability
** Max 1,2,3,4 charges, 3 second recharge
- Tar Toss
* Hitting someone with a rocket while covered in Tar will now cause them to burn for 20,30,40,50 Magic damage per second for the rest of the debuff
- Focus Buffer Reworked
* Now lasts for 20 seconds
* Reduces all Magic damage dealt to the buffed target by 11,14,17,20%
* Damage reduced is reflected back in a 600 AOE, divided equally among all enemy heroes

Version 0.2.53
- Any teammate can now take Wards of Sight and Wards of Revelation from a courier, regardless of who purchased them
* Previously either the courier owner or the purchaser of the wards had to manually give the wards to a teammate; now the teammates can take it by themselves
- Activating a courier's "transfer items to hero" ability (3rd ability) will automatically transfer any Wards of Sight and Wards of Revelation from the courier to your inventory, regardless of who purchased them
- Pets can no longer pick up Token of Life, Token of Sight, Token of Stealth, or Bananas
* No more ninja'ing the token with a flying courier / wildsoul bear
- Consumables (health potions, etc) purchased by different teammates will no longer combine together on couriers

The Chipper
- Sound Effects have begun
- Rockets
* Manacost changed to 50,65,80,95
* Rocket charges lowered to 3 from 4
* Damage per rocket changed to 105,130,155,180
* Recharge per charge upped to 4s from 3s
* A Rocket now does half damage if Chipper is within 250 units of an impact. Protection mechanic to protect himself from explosions!
- Tar
* Now lasts 5 seconds at all levels
* Added a cool popup if you land a 90%+ snare on someone. MAX!
- Focus Buffer
* Fixed to correctly reduce damage and return damage. OOPS!
- Sawblade Showdown
* Damage radius reduced back down to 100 from 125

Version 0.2.54
- Fix selling your items off of couriers you don't own
- Fix selling items that are owned by no one, like bananas
- HoN is now 95% less hardcore. (Items will no longer drop on death and have their ownership cleared. Whoops.)

- Moar sound effects
- AOE check for half damage for Rockets lowered to 175 from 250

Was denkt ihr über die Changes und über den neuen Hero???

P.S.: "You can now talk about these in other forums."

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Freitag, 9. April 2010, 09:48

Oo sind wir nicht bei version 0.3.1 oder so :D (unwissenheit schützt)

wann kommt der patch jetzt ?
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Freitag, 9. April 2010, 09:59

Wenn nix dazwischen kommt werden sie ihn heute (Freitag = Patchday) herausbringen. Die Versionszahlen sind für den Beta-Beta Client, alle Changes werden unter der richtigen Versionsnummer dann in den normalen Clinet integriert werden.


Freitag, 9. April 2010, 10:10

wieso machst du einen extra THREAD darüber auf?
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was it poison?

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Freitag, 9. April 2010, 10:57

Das ist nicht für die Öffentlichkeit gedacht, hast du dir den Beitrag nicht durchgelesen als du den Client geladen hast?
i ♥ Schmoda

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was ist denn bitte wichtiger als titten? - du musst mal lernen deine prioritäten anständig zu setzen...


Freitag, 9. April 2010, 11:24

es gibt menschen die können halt kein englisch und sind farbenblind, aber da bleibt immernoch die größe der schrift übrig. wie man die übersehen kann ist mir ein rätsel. aber hey die schrift ist dick und jetzt grün.


You can now talk about these in other forums. Try to not copy all of the notes straight up, as they will confuse the crap out of people not involved in this process.

da hat schmoda vlt einen fehler gemacht.

trotzdem solltest du die notes ordnen und zusammenfassen.

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was it poison?

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Freitag, 9. April 2010, 11:29

Alles klar, war mein Fehler. Hatte vorher nicht nochmal in den Thread geguckt.
Kann aber auch daran liegen dass ich kein englisch kann und farbenblind bin :)

Jetzt wieder zurück zum Thema.
i ♥ Schmoda

Also in meinem Bracket (Very High), wird solo-offlaner meistens gemeidet.

was ist denn bitte wichtiger als titten? - du musst mal lernen deine prioritäten anständig zu setzen...

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