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Es gibt wieder Neuigkeiten aus dem Hause S2Games:
Neue Patchnotes für den nächsten Patch wurden veröffentlicht (siehe unten) und 3 weitere DotA Helden Ports wurden angekündigt.
Die neuen Helden werden Kunkka, Furion und Rexxar (von links), wobei Rexxar alias Tundra schon mit dem nächsten Patch kommen wird!
Der Patch wird Freitag oder Samstag in den Clienten eingespielt.

Über die neuen Changes könnt ihr in unserem HoN-Forum diskutieren.

Hier noch die kompletten Patch Notes:

Version X
Darkwood Vale

- Removed two neutral spawns, replaced them with outposts
- Replaced two of the higher tier neutral camps with tier 1 neutrals
- Outermost towers are now level 1 towers (instead of level 2)
* This means they will do slightly less damage and less starting health, same as the outer most towers on Caldavar
- Lowered building health on this map by 25%, lowered ranged rax health regeneration rate by 25% (these changes only affect the darkwood vale map)


- Players will no longer see trees die in fog
* Meaning, juking with Logger’s Hatchet / runes of blight is now much more fun!
- Toggle abilities (Web Shot, Decay, etc) and toggle items (Steamboots, etc) will no longer interrupt autoattacks
- Added an interface option for “Double Activate.” When enabled, certain items and abilities may be double-clicked (or double-activated) for automatic use:
* Homecoming Stone and Post Haste teleports you home
* Health Potions and Mana Potions are used on self
* Tablet of Command, Stormspirit, Charged Hammer, and Nullfire Blade are used on self
* Portal Key blink towards home
* Grace of the Nymph, Inner Light, Protective Charm, Camouflage, Nature’s Protection, Arcane Hide, Healing Wave, Cursed Shield, Fire Shield, Frenzy, and Focus Buffer are used on self
- Added new game interface option “Move To Spawn On Disconnect”
* When enabled, the server will automatically issue a move command to your hero to move back to base whenever you crash, freeze, or lose your internet connection
- Added new keybind: “Cancel And Hold Position”
* Functions exactly like “Hold Position”, except it also cancels animations
* Players who want this functionality can replace their current Hold keybinding with the new Cancel and Hold keybinding
- A unit in the air no longer gains the 25% “uphill miss chance” evasion
* Units stunned by Witch Slayer or Magmus or tossed by Pebbles won’t gain extra evasion
* Couriers and Tundra bird won’t gain extra evasion
- Health and Mana bars for heroes will now show the damage they take
* This new ‘shadowed’ bar can be turned off in the options menu

- Scorescreen now contains voting options (kick, pause, concede, remake) and add friend functionality
- The camera will no longer shake when an effect (such as homecoming stone) is played in fog
- Fix to properly calculate a player’s exp/min, even if he reached max level
- Neutral creep agro range for allc reeps set to 300 (some were 250, some were 300)
- Vulture Lord now has a +3 AOE armor aura
- Fix to Kongor so he won’t wonk out and no one can hit him anymore
- Added a visual effect for Main health bars, they now course with energy
- Modified the internal random number generator to use a much higher quality distribution of random number
- Dual target abilities now properly ignore trees if their target scheme ignores them
- Hero health/mana bars are now shadowed with 500ms delay on the shadows
- Gold lerps to its actual value over 350m
- Toggles are correctly propagated to illusions
* Fixes illusion steamboots, illusion fayde stance, etc


- Added “Potential Hero Selection” functionality
* At the hero selection screen, you can right-click on any hero to make it your “Potential Hero”
* Spectators and anyone on your team can see your potential hero (the enemy team can’t)
* If you run out of time, you will select that hero rather than randoming
- Prevent the “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Let’s get it on” countdown from happening after the hero selection screen
- Loading bar now courses with energy
- The game lobby will no longer display the message “PlayerName has connected.” once for their initial connection, and again when they have finished loading
* It will now say “PlayerName is connecting.” and “PlayerName has connected.” to distinguish the different events
- Set the max channel chat message (250), max game chat message (150), chat channel topic (140), and channel name length (30).
- Channel messages will only play sounds when receiving a message in the current channel that has focus
* This fixes all the sounds that used to play when a user was in multiple channels at the same time
- The channel name + topic area of the channel is now truncated off properly and no longer wraps off the panel onto the rest of the UI for long channel topics
- Added a hovertip to the channel name + topic so if the topic is 95+ chars, if you hover over it it displays the full topic, similar to how long game names work in the Public Game interface
- The game lobby will now play the epic lobby.mp3 music
- Moved the voip mute button/icon things to the small colored circle to the side of the player slot (which normally is only used for the right-click menu) in all game phases
* The normal right-click menu (which is only available pre-hero-picker) now occupies the same spot used to show the player’s avatar/left-click to join button)


- Fixed a bunch of random crashes caused from clicking the “Disconnect” button
* Before, clicking the button had a small random chance to corrupt a random place in memory that caused you to crash at a random time doing something random
- Updated the wording of some of the tooltips to be a bit more clear
- When viewing a player’s stats, “Public Statistics” is now selected by default (previously “Ranked Statistics”)
- Prevent a buddylist bug when the user loses connection to the chat server, then reconnects to the chat server
- Russian stringtables updated
- Fixed lock camera on player not turning off after a replay
- Profanity filter is now optional
- Follow fix: If two players are following each other and one of them joins a game, the other one will now join that game instead of both of them disconnecting
- Fixed a spelling error in the matchmaking interface
- Fixed crash when CLIPBOARD selection is unowned and an attempt is made to paste
- Fixed an issue that disconnected a user if they typed a player’s name into the IM window
- Fix to the close button of the MOTD so you can click it easier
- Fixed mousewheel events not having the correct coordinates in windowed mode
- Re-organized the options menu slightly

- Cast time removed


- Will now be attacked by Towers and the Well

Geometer’s Bane
- Grants 0.1sec invulnerability on activation

- Damage increased from 40 to 45

Plated Greaves
- Will no longer apply it’s buff to Wildsoul’s bear

- Recipe increased from 1100 to 1250

Shrunken Head
- Added to the tooltip that it cannot be dispelled

- Price lowered to 800 from 900

- No longer silences or perplexes, just stuns
* This allows you to queue up orders while under it’s effects


- Maliken, Warbeast, and Wildsoul transformations will no longer act stupid when Dark Lady Ults
- Valkyrie Arrow, Devourer Hook, and Voodoo Casks will no longer hit couriers

- Added new Legion Strength hero, Tundra
* Based on Rexxar the Beastmaster from DotA

- Fire Shield dispels stuns once again
- Flame Consumption will no longer automatically activate below 400hp. Must be cast manually.
* This means that silences/stuns/etc will prevent Accursed from triggering his ult
- Staff of the Master now lets Accursed use Flame Consumption while silenced

- Spiderling will no longer stand there like a dummy if a hero blinked while the projectile was midair

- Initial 200/275/350 Magic damage on the ult is now Superior Magic, meaning it will go through magic immunity

- Shell Surf vision increased from 600 to 800 units and now keeps granting vision if it goes the max distance for 3.34 seconds.
- Fixed a bug with Shell Toss that was resetting the cooldown incorrectly
- Song of the Sea now hits units in fog and invisible units
- Take Cover no longer perplexes
- Kelp Field will no longer deal damage or stun magic immune heroes

- Attack time increased from 350ms to 450ms

Corrupted Disciple
- Electric Tide now is now correctly displayed when originating from a position within fog

- Base strength increased from 23 to 25
- Base Armor increased from 2.24 to 2.74
- Creeps will no longer dispel the tree

- Fixed the Turret’s attacks eating Nullstone
- Tinker cooldown increased from 15 to 20
- Tinker manacost increased from 25 to 50

Forsaken Archer
- Skeletons will no longer trigger neutrals to use their abilities

- Ability 1 now has an instant cast time
- Cast range on second abiity increased from 625/800/975/1150 to 725/850/975/1150

- Mighty Swing can now be toggled on and off

- Base armor lowered from 2.4 to 1.4
- Life Void cooldown increased from 7 seconds to 10 seconds

- Volcanic Touch now correctly deals damage to Mechanical units

- Fixed tooltips
- Possession manacost lowered from 150 to 100

- Number of people taken with her Teleport increased from 0,1,2 to 1,2,3 additional targets per level

- Slow from missing a Cannonball lowered from 4s to 2s

Pollywog Priest
- Max distance of Jolt lowered by 200

- Phoenix Wave can now target both units and the ground

Sand Wraith
- Using Manifest no longer kills all active illusions

Soul Reaper
- Added to the ult tooltip to correctly state the cooldown changes to 70s at all levels with it

- Fixed the “being knocked down” while using an item bug

- Fixed a bug causing sleep to sometimes be removed instantly by a creep
- Succubus’ Hold cooldown lowered from 120s at all levels to 120/110/100

- Base movespeed increased from 300 to 305
- Returned attack no longer triggers responses like Corrupted Disciple’s Static Discharge

- Javelin will now leave lingering vision if it hits nothing
- Tweaked Prism to correctly hit invulnerable allied heroes

- Damage when the bear dies now properly goes through immunities
- Updated his tooltip to reflect that he takes damage when his bear dies
- Beardulon abilities reworked very slightly
* Gains Return at level 1
* Gains Entangling Claws at level 2
* Gains Demolish at level 3
* Gains Magic Resist at level 4
- Wild cast time removed, letting him cast it on the run
- Base movespeed while in Bear form increased from 270 to 285

Wretched Hag
- Bat Blast can now target both units and the ground

- Cyclone damage halved against non-hero units

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