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Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013, 04:33

Demacia's Wings: Quinn & Valor

das ist die neueste Nachricht ,ganz begeistert

I’m the shadow of Demacia;

I’m afraid of nothing;

And I’m your nightmare!


Valor :) :-P circles around the sky, and I clean my captive bolt which accompanies me for a long time and ends lots of people’s lives no matter generals or soldiers.

After an investigation quest, I finally rest. But I know more difficulty quests await me.

As I expect, four people were killed by assassin of Noxus at the beach. And I know it would be my next quest to find the assassin and kill him but to me, it's just a piece of cake. I have killed numerous assassins of Noxus.

But I do care about one assassin – Talon whose ability is as good as mine. He’s the only prey that escapes from my slaughter and nearly kills me.

Not long ago, the first match impressed me a lot. When his blade was about to cut my throat, Valor informed me of his existence. I barely believe that I was about to die but I was win in the match at last. I can always know his position due to Valor, and he also escapes from me successfully depending on his excellent skill.

While I lost in the memory, Valor sent the quest of Jarvan III. I gently stroked the quest letter and opened it.

“Let me see the poor prey.